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UHP Interview with: Robby Bloodshed

Robby Bloodshed has been called "the future of Horrorpunk." Still young, he has released an EP
and shared the stage with bands like Sardonica, The Cryptkeeper Five and Blitzkid.
But that's not all: Robby kept busy working on a new album which was released in year 2012.
This guy has come a long way in New Jersey punk scene since it began in 2009.
Reason enough for us to believe in the future of this teen monster!

(Erik UHP) I did an exclusive interview with Robby, read below:

Hello Rob, is a great honor for all of us
It was a pleasure to meet you!

Let's start the interview.

Erik: First, tell us a little about yourself, how you met the Horror Punk?
Rob: I met horror punk when I first saw Danzig with Doyle in 2005 with Doyle. I instantly needed some more fast catchy punk. 

Erik: Where did the idea to start a band?
Rob: Back in 2010 I officially  started Robby Bloodshed . I had 2 old band members help me play a whole bunch of live shows because I had a whole bunch of songs written. 

Erik: What were and are your inspirations?
Rob: My inspirations are Glenn-era Misfits, Blitzkid, a lot a lot of 90s Alternative, Metallica, Rosemary's Babies and many more. 

Erik: As has been playing alongside bands like "Blitzkid, Dr. Chud, Darrow Chemical Company ... " 
Rob: It has been an honor playing along with those bands, they are some of my biggest inspirtations. 

Erik: Are you the main songwriter or other people are involved?
Rob: I am the main song writer for 90% of the music. Paul of the Living Dead does help me with certain material though ( He's the singer in another the band I'm apart of Bad Whoremoans) 

Erik: How is the musical scene of "New Jersey"?
Rob: In the horror punk scene , there's like 2 bands I like haha. Darrow and Bad Whoremoans ( but I'm in BW so it doesn't count I guess haha) 

Erik: What do you think of Horror Punk now?
Rob: I still love it. Lately though, I haven't been impressed with many bands. Of course there are some I still love and appreciate. Vagora, The Undead, Ripsnorter are some great bands.  

Erik: People say that you are the future of Horror Punk, I agree with that,
we'll be young the future of Horror, what do you think?
Rob: I take it as a huge compliment that people say I'm the future of horror punk. It means the world. I hope I am, I put my all into my songs. 

Erik: Let's do some quick questions ...
A singer? Kurt Cobain
A band? Body Count
A book? Abraham Lincoln: vampire hunter 
A movie? Goodfellas

Erik: Are you planning something for the future, something launch, new tour?
Rob: Yeup! I have a birthday show lined up and I'm playing it along with Darrow Chemical Company and Bad Whoremoans. Also, I plan to release a new full length album with all new original songs!

Erik: You'd like to play in South America and Brazil?
Rob: I would love to one day! 

Erik:  I've seen here, you is good people! How is your relationship with the fans?
Rob: Thank you man. I feel its pretty good, I try to thank and talk to my fans as much as possible. It means the world to me that they like what I'm playing. I couldn't ask for more.

Erik: Tell us a bit about your latest album "Robby Bloodshed - 2012"
Rob: That was my first time recording a full length. It was fun. I am looking only forward though, my next full length is going to blow that out of the water. 

Erik: In closing, I would like you to leave a message for the audience of our
page and to his fans worldwide.
Rob: Thank you so much for this interview! You guys rule! Make sure to check out my facebook and whatnot! I have some shows coming up and new releases soon! 

Thanks Rob, it was a great interview, I hope one day we met personally !!!
Stay Undead !!!

Robby Bloodshed

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