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Album Review: Dr. Geek and the Freakshow (Horror Punk - Germany)

Greetings Fiends !!!
Here I bring to you a review of an album that I really liked and I think everyone should listen to!

The Album "GHOUL SHOCK" of the German band "Dr. Geek and the Freakshow".

Dr. Geek - Vocal/Guitarra
Zombiehl - Baixo/Backing Vocal
Frankensteiner - Bateria

Additional Members (album):
Vocals - Nic (Spielbann), Violin - Dela (Wanderreigen) 
Flute and Bagpipes - Stefanie (Wanderreigen)

Band bio:
Dr.Geek and Zombiehl met back in 2008. After many failed experiments they finally succeeded in bringing Frankensteiner to life in 2009. The first EP “Miss Graveyard 1878” was recorded in December 2009 in SU2 Studios with help of (Necro-)Phil Hillen. It has been released march 27th 2010.
The second recording “The Wolfman…and other Stories from the Lab” has again been recorded under the supervision of (Nekro-)Phil Hillen and was released February 19th 2011.

On July 7th, the band’s first video “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” was released. On August 16th 2012, the band signed with Klabautermann Records. With them they release their next album “Ghoul Shock” in 2013.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde [Video]

Before you start reading the review, listen to the album!
You can listen to it for free on  BandCamp.

Ghoul Shock - 2013

[Album Cover]
01. Intro
02. Run Away
03. Jerusha
04. Beetlejuice
05. Jack In The Box
06. Ghoul Shock
07. Six Feet Down Under
08. Angel From Hell
09. Love After Death
10. White To Red
11. Horror Movie Double Feature
12. Behind The Wall
13. Under An Irish Attic

So let's start...

The Intro is magnificent and macabre, at the same time very interesting!!
The 2nd song is "Run Away". With his first chords you already realize that the Horror Punk is pure and great of this band, great vocals, and this double pedal that makes you listen to the song several times, very good!

The 3rd song is called "Jerusha". While listening you discovers the power of the band riffs and chords that come into your brain, vocal scarier, I loved this song, addicting!

The 4th song is called "Beetlejuice", well, the name says where it comes from, if you do not know, try searching. Great chorus, really addictive, great "Wooooooowwwwooo" amazing!!

5th song, "Jack in the Box", great relaxing music, a break from all this Horror Punk for the more melodic riffs and chords, was actually very good.

"Ghoul Shock" is the 6th song and also the album title, now turn to the heavy chords and fast, always amazing vocals, and loved the drums, fast and aggressive, big keyboard / organ in the background, actually combined with the song, too.

"Six Feet Down Under" the 7th song of this amazing album, the music has an individual intro that at the beginning you feel the full weight of the song, I love these chords hideous and frightening,
soil addictive, great! Actually, so far the whole album is great!

8th song "Angel From Hell", that I was amazed, gave me a shiver down my spine to hear the riff from the introduction, this is a song to dance with your girl and listen to those happy days, here is the music I liked the most !

"Love After Death" 9th song of the album so far enjoyed the album, the great energy of punk rock
is present throughout the album ... This song has a great combination with the vocals and instruments, loved the riffs and the chorus ghastly, amazing!

10th song "White To Red" loved the melody of the song, and the vocal was perfect, so do not criticize me (haha), but it was amazing and reminded me of the music of Bad Religion.

"Horror Movie Double Feature", 11th song of the Album. The song talks about Horror movies, as before, the vocals and music are perfectly matched, making the music so good, love those riffs and these pieces of music with "palm mute" very good.

"Behind The Wall" 12th Music, that the vocals are so flawless, fuck, the chorus is very good. ahhh these riffs ... Great music, you can hear it and start dancing!!

13th, last song "Under An Irish Attic" perfect, girls will love this song, so relaxing.
The Participation of this Girl in this song so calm and romantic, very good. And this song closes this album
sensational, spectacular of this German band, I hope you enjoyed the review, and listen to the band, you will like it very much !

Recommend !!!

Thank you Zombiehl Dgatfs for the opportunity to have done this review, i loved the album.

Good luck to the band!!

Dr Geek and the Freakshow - Ghoul Shock (2013)

Dr. Geek and the Freakshow:

Klabautermann Records:

Universo Horror Punk:
Erik / Paul / Miike

Resenha - Versão em Português: Aqui

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