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Album Review: DieMonsterDie - October 21st, 1976 (2013)

Greetings Fiends
Here I bring to you the review of this amazing album that impressed me!
To listen to this album for free, go to: Spotify

My friends Paul e Miike (UHP ADM's) participated in this review. Read below:

Album Cover 
Miike's Comments:
DieMonsterDie is evolving with every album, and this could not be otherwise.
The album begins with an introduction worthy of a good horror film that soon extends
The song "The Forbidden City of Kun-Laa" that shows the essence of the classic horror punk
with the classics back vocals. The music also drew my attention most was the
"I Will Always Hate You Frankenstein" with striking riffs and a vocal impeccable say
be the best song of the album in my opinion. The album features instrumental abusing of Rock n roll
riffs and melodies, a clear and intense influence of Horror is seen in each music album.
Surely DieMonsterDie is among the best bands in the genre "Horror Rock" and each job
I find myself more with this amazing band, I still hope to get the chance to see a live show.

Zero Delorean - Vocal/Rhythm Guitar
Paul's Comments:
What about the new DieMonsterDie album? If you do not say: is really excellent!
The Intro of the album shows a great weight on guitars and essence of the band
  Now that innovates on the arrangements of guitars and drums.
   The first song "The Forbidden City of Kun-Laa" shows what they are doing
What is a good music and good manners! the vocals also do not have to complain,
are in sync and great melodies.
  The second song "I Will Always Hate You Frankenstein" who can say which is the best in
the album, is also great, the guitar has a nice highlight. Truly an album of pure Rock 'N' Roll Horror Punk and quality, might well come to Brazil to tour their new album.
I would without a doubt! We Are 138!

Meatwhistle - Drums
Review "Erik's Comments" about each song:
The album is brilliantly worked, the band achieved a great sounding these 13 songs.
It was amazing, the way in which the songs were produced, it took the band to another level!!

Stikki Nixx - Bass / Shadow WindHawk - Lead Guitar
01- The Zealots of the Bloody Circle
An Intro scary, macabre and that is the basis for the beginning of this amazing album!!

02- The Forbidden City of Kun-Laa
Great riff from beginning, fuck, amazing, Zero's vocals are flawless in this song,
is different from the other band's songs, well produced song!!

03- I Will Always Hate You Frankenstein
When does "The Forbidden City of Kun-Laa" and get the 3rd song of this album, I shiver,
I can not say how much this song is magnificent, the letter goes directly into your brain causing
various emotional reactions. Riffs, chords, bass, drums, vocals, everything perfect, I can say
this is my favorite song on the album, The Best song in my opinion!

04- By Your Command
The longest song on the album "4:00" 4 minutes of pure class Shock Rock and Horror Punk
great combination of instrumental with vocal, perfect. Awesome song!

05- 666 Rock n' Roll
When it comes to music, the band knows what to do, that's why I love the songs of DieMonsterDie,
you just listen once and done, the will to push the replay button!
The music is awesome, great guitar solo! And the chill you feel when arriving at 02:40 the music.
666 DieMonsterDie Rock n' Roll!!

06- Pearls For Daddy
This song is one of the best! starts with that creepy tone and vocal continuing the verses without pausing, great mix, was extremely fast and addictive, very good indeed!
What I really liked was the way how the lyrics are sung, very good.

07- October 21st, 1976
Song Title of the album. really riffs of all songs are addictive and amazing, loved the album,
October 21st, 1976 has a strong sound, with slow parts, fast, aggressive, and epic,
such as from 02:00 music.

08- Devil's Trellis
The song begins in a demonic and super heavy!
This leads us (Horror music admirers) crazy
Zero gave a touch scary music with his magnificent voice, was amazing.

09- Don't Panic This is Only a Test
haha loved this song, it is fun and lively, great!!

10- 1-800 Moon Patrol
Actually this song reminds me of the Misfits albums (Graves) loved the way it is played, sung
and the chorus is incredible, with the right to woooowooo that these are incredible in any music genre.

11- The Trouble with the Neighbors Is...
The band brought the magic of Psychobilly for this magnific album, the bass used in the traditional Psychobilly bands highlighted the band's sound, it was too crazy!
Actually the music was very different than the usual band was fun and experimental!

12- Graveyard Shock N' Roll
Dude, this sound is amazing, it's one of the best on the album, backing vocals, epic
the song is already amazing, but when it comes to 1:35, it gets even better!!
That's why I see the emotion in the attitude of this boy:

13 - Just One More Fucking Time
The last song on the album, the music is killer, scary
this song was produced brutally, loved, was how some music HardCore, the band closed the album with class, showed us all that the band has really,
are 13 years on the road and a great job was done !!

Support the band !!!

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