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UHP Interview: with THE OTHER (ENGLISH)

Photo by ItWaittsArt

Rod Usher - Vocals (2002-Now)
Dr. Caligari - Drums (2002-Now)
Ben Crowe - Guitars (2013- Now)
Aaron Torn - Bass (2014-Now)

Jack Saw - Guitars (2013-2014)
Viktor Sharp - Bass/Backing Vocal (2011-2014)
Sarge von Rock - Guitars/Backing Vocal (2002-2013)
Andy Only - Bass (2002-2006)
Migore Drake - Bass (2006-2010)

The Vocalist "Rod Usher" of the German Horror Punk band "The Other" gave us an interview.
(This is a great achievement for us and for Brazil)

Reporter: Erik UHP
Interviewee: Rod Usher

Check out the interview below (Original English Interview):

Rod Usher - The Other Live 2008

Erik: Tell us how you met Horror Punk.
Rod: Obviously it started with the Misfits. I found out about them through the Metallica-Coverversions of “Last Caress” and “Green Hell” in 1987 and then started listening to the originals. My first Misfits show was in 1997. Back then nobody know the word “Horrorpunk” but my label Fiendforce released a CD called “This is Horrorpunk” and then the word became well known for all bands that mix Punk-Rock with Horror-Themes.

Erik: In addition to his work with the band
you have more projects and work involved with the Horror ?
Rod: Yeah, I write for “Virus”, Germany’s biggest Horror-Magazine, I run Fiendforce Records, the first ever label for Horror Punk and I collect books about Horror. I also book shows/tours for Horror-bands and started the “Hell Nights”-Party and Tour.

The Other 2002-2006 Line-up

Erik: At the beginning of his career, before "The Other",
we know you had a Misfits tribute band. How was that experience?
Rod: Great, because back then we were the only Misfits-Coverband around and we played many shows. People loved it. I was even invited on stage by Jerry Only to sing “Skulls” as the lead singer with them. Good times. But after a while we wanted to write our own songs and that’s how The Other started in 2002.

The Other 2006-2010 Line-up

Erik: This is the band number 1 in europe, you think you have grown very large and reached a worldwide audience since its beginning?
Rod: We were lucky because at the time we started with THE OTHER there weren’t many Horror Punk bands around. Especially in Europe. So we got a lot of attention and played big shows with Misfits, DRI, The 69 Eyes, etc. right from the beginning. Ten years later we are probably one of the most popular Horror Punk bands in the world and have released five albums and played all over the place from USA to Russia with lots of great bands and at huge festivals. It’s still awesome to be doing this!

Viktor Sharp - Bass

Erik: Tell us a little about the members.

Rod: I’m Rod Usher and I sing

 Doc Caligari plays drums

Viktor Sharp play bass since 2011

Sarge von Rock recently had to leave the band, because he moved away with his family. We have TWO great new guitarists that we will introduce soon.

Sarge Von Rock - Guitars

Erik: All consider "The Misfits" best Horror band of all time (we know that)
Currently, what bands do you consider the most important of its kind ?
Rod: The Misfits were revolutionary for Horror Punk in the Danzig and Graves eras. A lof of other bands have been around and have been great but quit. Like Blitzkid who were one of the most popular Horror Punk bands as well. These days there aren’t that many bands around any more.
I can think of Calabrese, Wednesday 13, Nim Vind, Rezurex and Bloodsucking Zombies from outer Space right now. The Fright, Stellar Corpses and The Spookshow are names to remember as well. Sadly enough there aren’t that many good new bands around. I can only think of Angelstrife and Hellgreaser from Germany but I haven’t heard much else for a while.

The Devil You know - 2012

Erik: With their new album released in 2012, You are already on tour to promote it Intend to do a world tour, or even play here in south america?!
Rod: Man, we would love to tour in South America. It’s been a dream for years. We get so many messages from listeners in South- and Central America that we really need to come. We just have to find a booking agency to book a tour for us…

Erik: Can you tell us a little about the band's future?
Has any news coming out there ?!
Rod: Well, the biggest news is probably that we have two new guitarists. We also play a few festivals this year, some with big bands like Soulfly, Sodom, Slayer, Motörhead, etc. But what we really need to do is write songs for the next album in 2014!

Doctor Caligari - Drums

Erik: To end this interview, I would like you to send a message to the Brazilian fans and worldwide.
Rod: People in Brazil! We really want to come and play for you. Our dream would be to play a tour and meet all of you. Please write us on Facebook or on . 
We love to hear from you!
And Also leave a message for anyone who has a dream of forming a Horror band.
My suggestion for anybody who wants to start a Horror band: 
Don’t just rip off the Misfits and put black & white Make-up on your face. Take the roots of Horror Punk and do something original. Everything else has been done. You have to break new grounds to make it.

Erik: Thanks for the interview man, this is a great achievement for Brazil
Rod: Thank you so much!!!!!!! It’s been an honor!
All the best from Germany,

Band Links:

Link 3

Entrevista em Português:
Clique aqui

[Updated Interview - June/2014, statement on the band's formation] 
The band's lineup has undergone changes in recent months. 

Bellow the two guitarists who joined the band in late 2013
Jack Saw / Ben Crowe
Jack Saw & Ben Crowe (New Guitarists)

Viktor Sharp unfortunately left the band in early 2014 
and was replaced by Aaron Torn:
Aaron Torn (Bass)

Other unforeseen happened, and Jack Saw recently left the band.
Jack Saw (Guitarist)

Currently the band is planning shows, reissues of Cds and soon will announce the new guitarist,
stay connected through the Official Facebook !

Special Thanks to Rod Usher (Thorsten Wilms) & The Other

R.I.P. Fiend Force Records 

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