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UHP Interview with "Angelstrife"

Angelstrife is a horror-punk band founded in 2010, Germany.

Chris'py Blood - Guitar/Vocal
Shamy Shameless - Bass/Vocal
Taz I.M. - Drums

Check an interview we did with the band:
Reporter: Erik Dvan (Collaboration Paul and Mike for some questions)
Interviewee: Shamy Shameless

Shamy Shameless

Erik: As you have known the horror punk?
Shamy: The first time i came in touch with the horror genre was by watching movies like „braindead“, „Evil Dead“ and „The Fearless Vampire Killers“. The first time i came in touch with the music was on a friends party back in the mid 90ies. It was the Misfits – Collection he had in his recorder i think.

Erik: What did you do before founding "Angelstrife"?
Shamy: We all come from the same music background, and each member did play different styles of punk music in the bands he did before Angelstrife. Chris'py did rock years before in a band named 'Le Petite Pent', which was pure adrenaline german punkrock. Taz did play in various projects over the years. Shameless did play in a punk'n roll band named 'Annex5' and had a short record apperances in band named 'Last Joke'.

Erik: Tell us a little about each band member.
Shamy: Chris'py is our Fronter, he does all guitars and main vokills. He definitly comes from a punkrock background, same like Shameless. But between Punk, they're kind of „Metalheads“. Both are having an affinity for bands like IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH but also into bands like DANZIG, RAMONES or THE DAMNED.
One of the first times Chris'py and Shameless met, was back in 2007, on a BLITZKID Show, here in germany. After that they become friends.

Chris'py Blood

 Shamy:  Taz lived in Australia back in 2011 to do a job. Nowadays his hometown is Hannover. All three are really into music and all living the lifestyle of punkrock ethic.
Taz I.M.
Erik: At the beginning of the formation of the band, a lot changes over time and the shows performed, which changed the life of every one of you after the first few shows?!
Shamy: The very first shows we did was pure kick ass horror punk in every perspective. Small underground venues, drunk people, noisy guitar amps.
We really enjoy playing small venues when you have people in front of you,watching and celebtaring the music you make. The first shows we did were very spontaneous in every case, sometimes even without having a setlist. Nowadays we do have a setlist and we're thinking more about the sound, we wanna to have. Its all about the sound, you know.

Erik: It is known that every band has those odd moments and even supernatural; to tell us what that strange experience you've ever lived?!
Shamy: One of the very first shows we did was a BLITZKID supporting gig in our hometown on their german leg of the BLITZKID european tour 2011. That was kind of these odd moments you're talking about. The band hit the stage in front of 200 people.
One of the stranges moments we had was a show for only 6 songs on a wednesday night in smokey club in hamburg, st.pauli. No backstage room or place to prepare for the show, 150 people, and a sold out night with 5 other bands from different genres. Our former guitar player broke the amp and the amp starts smoking and you could smell somethings burning with the first tones. But luckly the show could go on with a second amp from an other band.

Erik: Horror punk has grown impressively, but it's still a genre little known you think that the public genre that is small or does not have the respect they deserved?
Shamy: Well, the horror scene has a long tradition in germany. To me, i think, the best is yet to come and we all hope that the genre named horrorpunk gonna grow and grow. Nowadays there're horrorpunk bands like THE OTHER (Wacken) or BLITZKID (Mera Luna) who did play big festivals. So, in my eyes, the genre isnt that small some people maybe think it is.
I think its a question of promotion and money involment. With that support behind the genre would get more acceptance by the audience outside the horror world.

Erik: What is the inspiration to write songs for "Angelstrife"?
Shamy: We take real life experiences as inspiration to write Angelstrife music, but also do some fiction for inspiration.

Erik: What is the main item that you use to compose?!The songs are great, I can not stop listening
Shamy: The guitar is the main item that we use to write our music. Here and there we use melody ideas for the lyrics. But music by guitar and bass guitar comes definitly first in Angelstrife songwriting. So it runs mostly „hand in hand“ someone comes with a riff or a beat, another one with the lyrics. Best example is a song named „Welcome To Hell“......totally teamwork from the music basics to the lyrics. Lyrics written by Shameless, sung by Chris'py, Guitar Line, Bass Line written by the whole band.

Erik:Since the beginning of the band, which was the best show you've done?
Shamy: Hard to say giving you only one show to name. So many shows to mention...Bremen Shows in 2011 and 2013 were really great! Hannover mostly nice to have your friends on the show. Leipzig 2012 was a Killer and Bautzen on Halloween 2012 brutal great. The Viva La Horror Show in Summer 2012 was the first show we did with our new drummer Taz I.M.

Erik: What band booking for the coming years? Any news?
Shamy: We have some interesting shows to come over the next months. We've done a video clip to a song titeled „Welcome To Hell“. Check out all dates, video and merch

Erik: Would you like to play in the South America and Brazil?
Shamy: We're definitly interested in that! Booking agencys, supporters and fans can contact us at:

Erik: To finish this interview, Leave a message for your Brazilian and worldwide fans.
Shamy: Thank you very much for the support and the love bites you're giving us ! We definitly love Brazil and hope to tour brazil and South America in the future! You guys rock!

ANGELSTRIFE ! - Entrevista em Português: Clique aqui

Band Links:

Welcome To Hell [VIDEO]

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