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UHP Interview with ALEX STORY (Cancerslug / Doyle / Gorgeous Frankenstein)

Cancerslug 2014
Alex Story, Cassie Baher, Mike Horgan, Lilbit

Greetings Fiends, this is another great matter, UHP bring to you directly from the USA!
The interviewee today is the great ALEX STORY, vocalist and founder of the band Cancerslug,
and also vocalist of Doyle (Old Gorgeous Frankenstein)

Reporter: Erik Dvan (UHP)
Press play on Cancerslug albums and read the interview below, enjoy!

UHP: Tell us how you started Cancerslug band, which was the inspiration for the beginning of everything? 
 Alex: I started out as a guitarist in several bands, but I was always writing songs. I wanted to do a special kind of band in the style of cancerslug and I was trying to find a singer that could pull off the style I wanted, but no one seemed to fit. So out of necessity, I was forced to just sing myself. The idea was to blend the raw energy of my favorite punk bands like The Misfits, The Dwarves, Fear, The Cramps, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Exploited, etc... but blended with the dark theatrical sounds of more tech bands like Slayer, Neurosis, Mercyful Fate, etc..... My main purpose was to make a great LIVE rock n roll band, with the type of albums that I personally want to hear. I like rock n roll to be raw and real, if my voice cracks on a recording or I hit a sour note, I just leave it. because the pure emotion is what im trying to capture. something real, something sincere. Beyond the dark humor, or hidden metaphors for lifes daily struggle, I wanted it to be sincere emotion captured on recording. and pure fury and animal rage live.

UHP: A question that many must do ..
Where did the band name "Cancerslug" come from?
 Alex: I had an old chevy nova that was a total piece of shit. it leaked every liquid and spit a billow of blue toxic smoke behind it.. so I named the car "The Cancerslug" because it crawled down the street leaving a trail of disease. so when I started the band, I thought the name fit the idea of what I wanted the band to be. like a bullet filled with deadly disease fired through the hypocrisy of this world. 

UHP: Whence arises so much inspiration for countless lyrics for Cancerslug ?
 Alex: Basicly I try to take a lyrical snapshot of my emotions when they are at their height. So I focus on those moments and what fuels those extreme feelings. also it is an expression of how the mind exaggerates the severity of situations and cause true emotional eruptions. then I try to throw either a morbid sense of humor, usually laughing at my own ridiculousness, wich at these moments becomes fully self aware. So if I do my job right, a good song should focus that swing of real emotion, then have a self awareness so humor can dance among the rage.

Cancerslug 2014

UHP: You are also vocalist of band Doyle (Formerly Gorgeous Frankenstein)
how you see yourself within this project?
Alex: Doyle and I have been talking for many years about working together. He was unhappy with how the Gorgeous Frankenstein project came out. since he liked my songwriting, he asked me to help him write songs. once we started working together he liked our chemistry and how we sound together so he asked if I would just sing for the band. once we got a solid line-up of guys together, I suggested that we change the name to just DOYLE since it was basicly a new band.  
With Doyle
The way we work together in the band is that Doyle will make musical arrangements, guitar, bass and drums, then he sends it to me and I might ask him to play a part more or less but I try to leave the music just how he wrote it. then I write all the lyrics and if we like what comes out, it becomes a song. it is like a modern evolution of the Earth AD style where Doyle shines, but with more of a modern thrash and crossover style. then we add in some doom metal breaks and it becomes this totally new beast that I think is unlike anything out there. it exists in a realm outside of The misfits or Cancerslug, and yet it deffinately touches those worlds.

UHP: Besides Cancerslug and Doyle, you work with other things that involve the Horror genre? 
Alex:  The two bands consume most of my free time and creativity at the moment.

UHP: Cancerslug has released many albums, and have many fans around the world, you've played in other countries outside the USA?
Alex: Cancerslug has only toured inside the U.S.A. up till now, but we plan on going to several other countries to play for our fans
 there as soon as we can.

UHP: On his recent acoustic project .. Where did inspiration to do it?
Alex: I wanted to show the dynamics of the songwriting, to show that the same songs I did in Cancerslug can exist in another state. to me its more stripped down, and so its more primitive and raw. these acoustic albums are not like acoustic albums by other artists. these are very spiritual albums that touch on a deeper darker side to the writing. I wanted to make a bluesy dark gothic set of albums that showed the depth of the songs that might not be apparent on the surface.

Cancerslug - Acoustic Live
Seasons Of Sickness - New Album

UHP: With the new Cancerslug Album, particularly i think the band never loses roots, is always good at it!
Do you think the public welcomed the new songs and reworkings present on the new album?
Alex:  I try not to worry about what the public or the fans want from the band. if I make the type of album I want to hear, then I have done the right thing. art is open to the interpretation of the audience.

In Gorgeous Frankenstein

UHP: How is to play and record in the studio alongside ex-Misfits "Doyle" and "Dr. Chud" ?
Alex: I grew up with the misfits as my favorite band, and doyle my favorite guitarist. now he is my best friend, and one of the only people that has ever looked out for me. id do anything I can to help him with his project or anything else he needs.

UHP: One day you want to tour in south america? There are many fans here...
Alex: I would love to come to south America. I think the spirit of real punk rock is still alive there.

UHP: Can you tell us about the future of Cancerslug and Doyle!  
Alex: I plan to work with doyle for as long as he needs me and wants to do it. and I will do cancerslug until I die.

UHP: Leave a recommendation of 10 films for inspiration in a Horror Punk band. 
The Beyond
The Shining
Pet Semetery
From Beyond
City of the Living Dead
Return of the Living Dead
Evil Dead

UHP: Leave a message for your fans in Brazil, South America and around the world!
Alex: The Undrground is growing. cancerslug is growing. the slugcult is growing. and we are coming soon..

UHP :Thank you for this great interview!
was another great achievement for Brazil!


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