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UHP Interview with Holy Madness [Germany]

M.R. Gravedigger (Vocal/Guitarra)
J.R. Against The Beast (Bateria)
M.B. Evilhand (Baixo/Backing Vocal)

Holy Madness is a horror-punk band from Thuringia - Germany.
The band has been spreading their Horror Punk fast and aggressive since 2005!

Paul Caiafa (Our ADM) did an interview with the band,
the entire band participated and gave answers, check below:

Paul – Greetings, let's start the interview..
The name of the Holy Madness comes from what ? Of some movie , or series character name ?
HM: – It’s a bit of individual interpretation. First of all there was chaos. Then mankind creates an allmighty god. But for us this primordial chaos is holy.

Paul - How is playing in a band of Horror Punk ?
HM - The horror punk scene is an open scene with admission from versatile other scenes and subcultures. So playing in a horror punk band is much fun, because you can mutate into some kind of monster or serial killer on stage on the one hand and most of the people of a wide range of subcultures like this, too.
J.R. Against The Beast (Drums)
Paul – As members met and decided to form the band ?
HM - Holy Madness was found in 2005 and is a three piece with M.R. Gravedigger on guitar, J.R. against the Beast on drums and M.B. Evilhand on bass.

Paul – Whole Show is always a new experience to pass, which was the best and most unexpected gig you ever had ?
HM - Hehe, we played a gig near the German Dutch border with a band from Sweden. We entered the location and it looked like some kind of family restaurant. Bit by bit more and more „elderly“ guests came in and we thought: „Maybe we’re wrong here or they are.“ But in the end it was a fantastic night with this audience and they rocked like hell.

M.R. Gravedigger (Vocals/Guitars)
Paul – On a day- to-day band when members are not playing, what do you do when not wrapped in fake blood and heavy makeup ?
HM - Regrettably, we are unable to live from the gains of our music. So it is still a hobby and we all have conventional jobs.

Paul - The Misfits is a band that has influenced thousands of other bands and brought the subgenus Horror Punk as a different view and describe the bloody and violent side of horror films form ; outside Misfits , what other horror punk band or other genres took effect to influence you ?
HM - If you want to hear good horror punk music, you can’t make something wrong with Blitzkid, Wednesday 13 or The Other. There are many more great bands in the genre. With our growing interest in music, we came across the bordering psychobilly scene, which is quite similar to the horror punk genre, but played with an electric upright bass. Great bands here are Demented Are Go, Sir Psyko And His Monsters or Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space.

Paul – We know that having uam band is not easy , tell us what problems you faced during the beginning.
HM - In the beginning the whole process of creating a band is new, the instruments are new, the production process is new, the business is new. All is very time-consuming – learning instruments, composing songs, writing suitable lyrics. And then you have to learn to play together on the stage, to build up an entity and to compromise with each other. But that team work bonds!

Paul – Each band member has a character to play the concerts! where do you draw inspiration ?
HM - We’re always looking like protagonists of a horror movie. Everyone one can develop his own character.

Paul – And How is the Horror Punk's scene where you live?
HM - The horror punk scene is a small scene and scarcely anybody knows the term „Horror Punk“. But they all know the Misfits and like them. We’re happy about everybody, who likes our music.

M.B. Evilhand (Bass/Backing Vocal)

Paul – What do you think of the current scene Horror punk?
HM - We’re living in a world of the greatest possible conformation and mainstream with casting shows, hipster discos and fucked up pop stars. Horror punk is on a collision course with all this. We’re the true anarchists of music. You play in small venues, have a great time with friends, make party and stay close to the fans of the genre. In this scene every band already shared the stage with nearly every other band – and the family grows.

Paul – Have shared the stage with which bands?
HM - There are many bands we shared the stage with, for expample: Rezurex, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, Kitty in a Casket, The Dark Shadows, Ghoultown,The Crimson Ghosts, The Other, Superhorrorfuck, The Fright, Dead United and many more.

To found Holy Madness was the best idea in our lives. You get a tight-knit team and experience plenty of great things and crazy shit. Let us bring some chaos and madness to this well-ordered world together! Trust in yourself, do your thing, cut your own paths and don’t let them tell you what to do!

-Holy Madness

Thank you for participating in this great interview !
Greetings !!!




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